Subject RE: [IBO] (unknown)
Author Tobias Giesen
> The only way I can currently think to do what I want is to store
> each value as integer values of the smallest units likely to be used
> in a hidden column, and parse the data coming in for storage, and out
> again for display to the user. I guess this would be displayed as a
> calculated field?
> eg
> Display Stored as
> 82pF 82
> 0.1nF 100
> 100,000uF 100000000000 etc.

personally I would store uF or nF as double precision values. Then, use the
new OnGetDisplayText etc. properties to convert the stuff just-in-time. Let
me know if I should elaborate.

These events for just-in-time conversion are available (at least) in
TIB_Grid, TIB_Edit, and TIB_LookupCombo.