Subject Re: [IBO] Newbbe in IbO
Author Helen Borrie
At 11:58 AM 14-12-00 -0300, you wrote:

> Hi to all;
> I'm testing Ibo, for about 2 weeks, and I have some questios;
> My Enviroment : Delphi5, inherited forms with Ibo Components on it
>and Separeted Datamodules like ( TDataModuleConnection ... )
> Ok, I'm having problems with Ib_Query, in develop time, when i
>prepare my "Select", it raises ( DataBase Name Could not be Blank ) or
>something like that.
> All Components ( Ib_Connection, Ib_Query ) at this inherited
>Datamodule, has the property DatabaseName with the same value , but the
>problem persists.

Make sure your TIB_Connection object has the Server, Path and Protocol
properties correctly set.
If the Protocol is tpLocal, the Server property will be blank.

The DatabaseName property will default to being the full connection string
but you can override that with an alias name if you wish.

Make sure the pas unit of your datamodule is in the USES clause of the
forms that use it.

Connect your IB_Transaction and queries to the connection object using the
Name property of the connection object. The safest way to do these
linkages is to use the drop-down list in the property editor. If the list
is empty, then you know that something is not correct.

> Another problem that I must solve, is that Ib_DataSource, losts the
>DataSet property value, every time I close the form. ( this dataset point to
>Datamodule listed in his "uses" clausule ).

No doubt this problem is happening because the dataset is not linked to the


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