Subject Newbbe in IbO
Author Marcos Ortega
Hi to all;

I'm testing Ibo, for about 2 weeks, and I have some questios;

My Enviroment : Delphi5, inherited forms with Ibo Components on it
and Separeted Datamodules like ( TDataModuleConnection ... )

Ok, I'm having problems with Ib_Query, in develop time, when i
prepare my "Select", it raises ( DataBase Name Could not be Blank ) or
something like that.

All Components ( Ib_Connection, Ib_Query ) at this inherited
Datamodule, has the property DatabaseName with the same value , but the
problem persists.

Another problem that I must solve, is that Ib_DataSource, losts the
DataSet property value, every time I close the form. ( this dataset point to
Datamodule listed in his "uses" clausule ).

Please, I perhaps missunderstood something ;

Marcos Ortega
Campo Grande; Brazil
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