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How do I get the latest version?


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> Steve,
> I have used the latest of IBO/RB for sometime now and have what I
> the best of breed products. One thing I have done is to put as many
of the
> calculations in the query (using the oncalculcateField event with
> and ibo_pipeline (get the latest version which I sent to Geoff W about 2
> weeks ago). I think this will provide much greater flexibility and
> John
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> Subject: [IBO] IBO & Report Builder Woes
> I am doing further development for a fairly large Delphi BDE app using
> Interbase that contained about 40 standard reports built by using Report
> Builder. Some of these reports are complex using a lot of calculated
> variables, others are simple.
> I am using Report Builder 5 Enterprise, Delphi 5 Enterprise and IBO
> For some reason some of my existing reports do not generate
correctly with
> Report Builder 5.5 so I have not upgraded
> I have converted the app to using IBO instead of the BDE. Most of the
> conversion seemed to be fairly straightforward and did not pose a lot of
> problems to get things running. Converting the reports section of the
> application has been more difficult and let to problems. I converted my
> TwwQuery components to TwwIBOQuery. At this point I was using the
> TppBDEPipeline, however the reports did compile and run. Some of the
> reports ran a little faster with IBO than they did using BDE access
to the
> Interbase database. However a few of the reports would run correctly but
> they ran much slower using IBO. For example one report takes about 2
> seconds to generate and display in the BDE version and over a minute
in the
> IBO version. Not likely to impress the customer!!
> I tried using the TppIBOPipeline (distributed with IBO) but it did
> performance in the problem reports. One of the problem reports uses the
> query FilterRecord event so I can't convert it to TIB_Query, however in
> some reports I tried using TIB_Query instead of TwwIBOQuery but it
did not
> improve performance.
> The only thing that seems to be different in the reports that run much
> slower in the IBO version is that these reports tend to have a lot
> calculated variables on the report.
> Can anyone suggest what might be causing this problem? The BDE
version and
> IBO version of the reports are identical except for the component
> replacements.
> If I could find a solution for these few problem reports, I would
> the conversion from BDE access to IBO access a complete success.
> Steven Gibb