Subject IBO & Report Builder Woes
Author Steven Gibb
I am doing further development for a fairly large Delphi BDE app using
Interbase that contained about 40 standard reports built by using Report
Builder. Some of these reports are complex using a lot of calculated
variables, others are simple.

I am using Report Builder 5 Enterprise, Delphi 5 Enterprise and IBO 3.6Ca.
For some reason some of my existing reports do not generate correctly with
Report Builder 5.5 so I have not upgraded

I have converted the app to using IBO instead of the BDE. Most of the
conversion seemed to be fairly straightforward and did not pose a lot of
problems to get things running. Converting the reports section of the
application has been more difficult and let to problems. I converted my
TwwQuery components to TwwIBOQuery. At this point I was using the
TppBDEPipeline, however the reports did compile and run. Some of the
reports ran a little faster with IBO than they did using BDE access to the
Interbase database. However a few of the reports would run correctly but
they ran much slower using IBO. For example one report takes about 2
seconds to generate and display in the BDE version and over a minute in the
IBO version. Not likely to impress the customer!!

I tried using the TppIBOPipeline (distributed with IBO) but it did affect
performance in the problem reports. One of the problem reports uses the
query FilterRecord event so I can't convert it to TIB_Query, however in
some reports I tried using TIB_Query instead of TwwIBOQuery but it did not
improve performance.

The only thing that seems to be different in the reports that run much
slower in the IBO version is that these reports tend to have a lot
calculated variables on the report.

Can anyone suggest what might be causing this problem? The BDE version and
IBO version of the reports are identical except for the component replacements.

If I could find a solution for these few problem reports, I would consider
the conversion from BDE access to IBO access a complete success.

Steven Gibb