Subject Re: Newbbe in IbO
Thanks; Helen for your reply,

> Make sure your TIB_Connection object has the Server, Path and
> properties correctly set.
> If the Protocol is tpLocal, the Server property will be blank.

I'll make sure, perhaps i wrote some name here !

> The DatabaseName property will default to being the full connection
> but you can override that with an alias name if you wish.

Yes, I did that !
> Make sure the pas unit of your datamodule is in the USES clause of
> forms that use it.

I'm Sure !

> Connect your IB_Transaction and queries to the connection object
using the
> Name property of the connection object. The safest way to do these
> linkages is to use the drop-down list in the property editor. If
the list
> is empty, then you know that something is not correct.

I did that too, And I'm sure that it is correct.

I was wondering if the problem could be related with inheritance of
datamodules like that :

TIbDataModuleConnection ---->>> TThisAppDataModule

TIbDataModuleConnection has One TIb_Connection, but it just make
part of the application, it never is instanciate, just
TThisAppDatamodule does.

It is important to note ( and i forgot to say ) that at runtime,
IT NOT raises any erros, and works fine , just at develop time (
Database name could not be blank , or something like that )

> > Another problem that I must solve, is that
Ib_DataSource, losts the
> >DataSet property value, every time I close the form. ( this
dataset point to
> >Datamodule listed in his "uses" clausule ).
> No doubt this problem is happening because the dataset is not
linked to the
> connection.

yep, the dataset is linked to the connection, but the connection
appears to be not correctly configured, so this problem could be
related to the one below.

Thanks for your Attention;

Marcos Ortega
Campo Grande; Brazil.