Subject Re: [IBO] Re: IB 6 or Firebird
Author Steffen Nyeland
Hi Dennis,

Sounds like an extract from the Conf. (with the Kylix IDE alot more
finished). Of cause at the Conf. there was alot more in detail (Kylix,
J2ME-HHE, IB internals(sourcecode), D6 and DBExpress over 3-4 days) -
BorCon (US) is highly recommended - if you haven't been there - be sure to
go next year.


"Dennis Fantoni" <df@...> on 07-12-2000 13:02:22

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Subject: Re: [IBO] Re: IB 6 or Firebird

From: "Steffen Nyeland" <steffen_nyeland@...>

> Should have been there - but current workload :-( - but I hope there
> wasn't that much new, compared to what we saw in San Diego earlier this
> year.

We saw Kylix demoed, Delphi6 demoed, jbuilder4 demoed on several platforms
(also palm) and some interesting database stuff. Also an update as to what
Inprise management thinks Borland is this quarter. David I took a lot of
time to tell us that Borland would rather deliver products that are bugfree
"When they're ready" than they would deliver "delphi4's" on time. I agree
with them on that acct. Borland had a reputation for selling compilers that
just couldn't crash, That allways worked, and that were allmost totally
bugfree. They'll try to get that reputation again. With the huge cash
reserves they have, they're not *forced* to do a new product every quarter.
He also told us that they would go shopping next year, if something
interesting showed up. And plans for something that to me looked like an
internet based software developer platform, like sourceforge, but with
functionality. The entire seance was very lo-tech and very high-level, but
it did sound like they were doing things that i as a c/s developer liked.

Jason - if/when You have some time (it's not that urgent) You could do a
whitepaper (just a few pages) on what ibo's future is, regarding to the new
BDE replacement offerings in the pipeline from Borland. Also a few comments
on clx etc. If You are in some kind of non-disclosure deal - have the
document ready and release it as soon as it's legal. I'd appreciate that.

> But I'll wear my "IBPnoenix" t-shirt next time - if Jason isn't going to
> "release" some "softWEAR" :-)

I'll wear my "european pinball championship" t-shirt. How's that for

> We want merchandise (geekwear)!!!!!!!!!! Jason :-)

I want jason to concentrate on IBO! ;-)

Maby someone could make a business out of it? all it takes is okay from
Jason to make t-shirts with a ibo logo. I'm sure Jason's "okay" could be
"bought" with a few free t-shirts. ;-)

Dennis (t-shirt in Denmark at cristmas time???? brrrrr).