Subject Re: [IBO] Developing Multilanguage apps
Author Daniel Rail

We do develop multi-lingual applications. We are currently using
Multilizer. It's very versatile. You can use multiple file formats to
store the language file. Also, it has VCLs to manage your
interface. There's a trial version on the web site (

There are some more tools as well that might be cheaper. You can
find them on Delphi Super Page, Torry's Page or Delphi Pages. You can look
at, there's a multi-lingual component there as
well. Evaluate them and see which one meets your needs and budget. We
went with Multilizer because it was the one that permitted to add/omit some
properties from the translation and has a simple way of translating strings
that are found your source code(.pas not the .dfm). Also, make sure that
the component works with TStrings, I found some didn't.

If you find a good component, you shouldn't have any problems with
any of the components that you are using. But, keep in mind that there
might be some strings that will not be translated, because they are part of
the source code of some VCLs like IBO and found in ShowMessage or related

Hope this helps.

Daniel Rail
Senior System Engineer
ACCRA Group Inc. (
ACCRA Med Software Inc. (

At 2000-12-06 18:43, you wrote:
>is anybody in this group creating multi language applications?
>What tools are the best ?
>Where are the strings ( for example IB_Query - FieldsDisplayLabels or
>IB_ComboBox - Items) located ?
>I cannot find this strings scanning all source files in a project.
>Gerhard Schober
>DevCon Engineering
>Principality of Liechtenstein
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