Subject Re: [IBO] Re: IB 6 or Firebird
Author Dennis Fantoni
You were there too?

Next time we wear nametags and IBO t-shirts, okay?

Dennis Fantoni

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Subject: [IBO] Re: IB 6 or Firebird

> Hi All !
> I was at a Borland metting yesterday where DavidI presended Kylix and
Illiad(D6). He claimed that Interbase 6 was still in _beta_(??!!?) and for
the matter of the manuales he couldn't give any estimats on when(or how)
they would be released. "At Borland we still uses 5.6"- he said. "We're
having a Developement team that takes the best of the internal Development
and mix it with the best from the open Source projects" he said. I must
admit that I'm a bit confused about the opensource future for Interbase in
the next versions !
> This is not for creating a discussion on this matter, because this isn't
the intension with this list but this may be the reason for Jason for still
have an eye on both Interbase and on FireBird when they turn in different

I was a bit cofused about the answer also (it was a bit lengthy and quite
impossible to remember in full)- i think one has to interpret it into
something meaningfull. I interpret it this way : Borland have not been sure
what to do with interbase the last year and it somehow ended up being
opensourced. Borland will take the situation from here on and get the best
out of it. They have people inside that are developing interbase further,
and their goal is to make sure that the opensource features and bugfixes
implemented from other people get into the sourcetree, and they will then
test it (throughoutly) package it and sell it / sell support for it. Sort of
like the way you buy a CD with linux from someone who has packaged it and
tested it all.

This is of course my intepretation. David was in Finland earlier and is
running around europe. Maby someone will try to ask him a few specific
questions reg. interbase as he travels around. Like "Will borland implement
bugfixes and new features from the firebird sourcetree" . "will borland be
open about errors and bugfixes in the interbase tree so that the firebird
tree can see them and implement them at the same time". "will borland make a
free, fully tested interbase 6 available on the net or will we have to buy
the packaged version" "will there be license fees per seat"

We saw full support of interbase6 in the BDE replacement from borland. Also
dialects etc. It seemed to be a good replacement of the BDE.

I wonder how IBO fits into all this ;-) - but Borland's BDE replacement
seems as of now to be much less sophisticated than ibo. If we all try to
help Jason identify and implement any good ideas that borland invents we
should be able to help him make a product that can survive bc it is simply

Question for Jason :

Any plans on Your side for Kylix? (i don't need it, but others might do.)