Subject Re: [IBO] Help with BCB 5
I started this 14 hours ago!

I had Builder5 up, and Netscape, and Windows 2000 through a major
wobbly. I could not get it to restart - it had ****** the registry. For
anybody who might be interested - if you have multiple graphics cards in
a Windows 2000 machine and need to repair or more usually re-install,
first remove all the secondary cards before doing ANYTHING.

Back to the problem in hand, since I had spent some time on it before

> No, I searched the whole disk and it is truly not generated. One item of

> curiosity, there is a red checkmark on the glyph of the IBO_C5.cpp module in

> the IBO_C5.dpk project manager list.

The Red checkmark is due to a local override of the options on that

file. If you look at the end of IBO_C5.bpk you will find a section

starting </IDEOPTIONS>. You have a different CFLAG1 value - don't ask me

what it means, but it looks like heap size.



<FILE type="override" value="IBO_C5.cpp" translator="Auto">

<CFLAG1 value="-Hc- -Tkh30000"/>



I have been copying in my own .bpk with the paths set correctly for me

so had not noticed it before. Deleting that section of code before

opening the project will remove the mark, and it still compiles fine.

> > Have you fixed this one?

>Still stuck there.

Are any of the .obj's being built?

Can you delete them and rebuild them?

You hav not got 'Read Only' on the target directory - we gwt caught by

that when restoring CDRom backups.

> > I have stopped with 3.6A because of problems with 3.6B ( which could

> > well be my end ) but can have another look if you need


> What's happening?

I have tried a couple of projects on 3.6B which work fine on 3.6A. The

problem seems to be with the dreaded 'EOF'. The one that works stops at

the last record, while 3.6B seems to read an extra blank record. If I

add code to skip the extra record, all is fine again, but some programs

use Eof a large number of times so I don't want to have to 'fix' every


I had just done a compile of 3.6C when the whole thing went tits up, and
now I have to put Builder5 back on again - hopefully the registry load
will do as all the libraries were setup ready.

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services