Subject Re: IB 6 or Firebird
Author Kurt Bilde
Hi All !

I was at a Borland metting yesterday where DavidI presended Kylix and Illiad(D6). He claimed that Interbase 6 was still in _beta_(??!!?) and for the matter of the manuales he couldn't give any estimats on when(or how) they would be released. "At Borland we still uses 5.6"- he said. "We're having a Developement team that takes the best of the internal Development and mix it with the best from the open Source projects" he said. I must admit that I'm a bit confused about the opensource future for Interbase in the next versions !

This is not for creating a discussion on this matter, because this isn't the intension with this list but this may be the reason for Jason for still have an eye on both Interbase and on FireBird when they turn in different directions.