Subject Delphi 3 support with IBO version 4+
Author Jason Wharton
I am dropping Delphi 2 for sure but I was wondering how many of you wouldn't
mind staying with IBO v3.6 for Delphi 3?

Version 3.6 is very solid and I am presuming that all who are using Delphi 3
are maintaining legacy code of some sort or another by now and are already
content with IBO's current feature set.

I will continue to resolve bugs in 3.6 if they do arise and cannot easily be
worked around in some way.

There are a significant number of very annoying things in Delphi 3. It is
actually more work to support it than Delphi 2 because with Delphi 2 I
simply didn't include lots in it. Delphi 3 makes some things possible but
Delphi 4 finally got things right with the TDataset stuff. Thus, there is a
lot more directives on the jump from D3 to D4 and some of them are complex.
There's no telling what additional things the next finalized version of the
VCL is going to throw at us.

I am still committed to supporting Delphi 3 if enough of you are wanting IBO
v4 with it. But, it would help things move ahead quicker if I could
concentrate IBO v4 on Delphi 4 and above.

Please share your opinions and insights.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ