Subject Re: [IBO] Delphi 3 support with IBO version 4+
Author Lukas Zeller
Hi Jason,

At 14:02 02.12.00 -0700, you wrote:
>I am dropping Delphi 2 for sure but I was wondering how many of you wouldn't
>mind staying with IBO v3.6 for Delphi 3?
No problem for me (as an IBO newbie, all my IBO projects are D4 anyway :-).

Generally, I think that support for new versions of the VCL (and CLX !) in
reasonable short time is much more important for IBO than ongoing
D3 support. Personally, I found the migration of existing D3 projects to
D4 very simple, so if for some reason an existing D3 project needs
IBO v4 features, it is probably feasible to migrate the project anyway
(the Anchor property in the D4 VCL alone is almost worth it :-)
This is, of course, only MHO...

So: my vote is for IBO v4 without D3 support.

And thanks for the great work with IBO - anyway!

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