Subject On this and that
Author Aage Johansen
Jason wrote:
<<For IBO v4 I am dropping Delphi 2 (and I wish 3 for TDataset) so we will
gain some flexibility to tap into new things.>>

Do take a poll once in a while. Maybe even D/3 support can be phased out
in 6-12 months.
I'm still using D/3 myself (hope to make the switch to D/5 before D/6

<<With plain text, the sponsor's ads are really easy to ignore and I am rather
enjoying the much speedier response times. I feel like I can have virtual
conversations with people again.>>

With the list in digest mode there is only one ad (excepting those
appearing in quoted posts).

... and now, an important message for all of us:
PLEASE! - mind your quoting.
(Sorry for sounding grumpy)

Aage J.