Subject Re: [IBO] IBO advantages over IBX

>I just had a brainstorm (more of a drizzle really).

Hurricane, I'd say. I think your idea is great!

>Offer a "stripped down"
>version of IBO. Include only the basic TDataset data access and maybe some
>of the bars. Basically, make it as comparable as possible to IBX. Include
>the full source of the stripped version to satisfy the corporate buyers. And
>make it FREE.

Free makes it a "no brainer" business decision -- always a good thing.

And I think it'd STILL be a no-brainer at, say, $19.95. You never
know. Response could be so incredibly good that the revenues from the
$20 version might even overtake revenues from full version -- all the
while driving future sales of the full version.


Wes Peterson
LexCraft Data Services