Subject Re: [IBO] IBO advantages over IBX
Author John Rendell
Why do I use IBO? It works. Plain and simple. I have tried using the BDE and IBX in a heavy duty, large transaction based ASTA application. Neither would work - big transaction and memory issues... after resolving a few issues with IBO, it is rock solid.

>>> jwharton@... 12/28/00 02:10PM >>>
I would like to solicit the opinions of others on why you chose IBO over IBX
and what the advantages you feel that you enjoy by having made that choice.
I have nothing to lose by campaigning these benefits and plan to do so. I've
been much to passive to date on how I have addressed this topic.

Too many people are using IBX when they don't have to and it is causing a
lot of mess and frustration in our InterBase community because it is so
immature and poorly written. IBX is good in some ways but there are too many
things that are just plain done wrong and are injuring people's capacities
to write good software or at best causing them to have to do too much work
to have anything worth using.

We need to make sure people understand that IBO is the suite of choice for
the InterBase community when it comes to writing client/server applications
with Delphi and CPPB. They also need to know why without any apologies.

Why am I doing this? First of all because I get asked it a lot and second
because I owe it to the community to give people as much accurate
information as possible so that people can make the most accurate and
informed decisions as to what tools they commit to.

If there are some advantages you think IBX has, pass them along too if you

If you prefer, just send them privately to me.


Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ