Subject Re: [IBO] IBO advantages over IBX
Author Geoff Worboys

> I just had a brainstorm (more of a drizzle really). Offer a
> "stripped down" version of IBO. Include only the basic
> TDataset data access and maybe some of the bars. Basically,
> make it as comparable as possible to IBX. Include
> the full source of the stripped version to satisfy the
> corporate buyers. And make it FREE.

The core of IBO is very tightly entwined. As witness to this, take a
look at the size of IB_Components.dcu - the compilation of most the
components required to do what you suggest. Jason and I recently
discussed trying to split this unit, but it turned out to be much more
difficult than I had thought.

The TDataset derivative is only an interface to the underlying
TIB_Dataset component. To release the TDataset component means
releasing the very heart of IBO - the buffering, the sql smarts etc
etc. Certainly there are many other features to IBO, but it is really
this heart that makes IBO what it is.

If Jason were interested in releasing a "free" version of IBO, I
suggest that it simply becomes the demo version with the nag screen
removed. IMO anyone creating production applications without the
source to all their component libraries is asking for trouble.

If may be possible that some people are put off by the lack of
installation program. Perhaps more people would try IBO if we created
an installation package that made it simpler for people to get

(Personnally I find such installations very annoying. One package
that I use can only be accessed through an installation program. So I
install, copy and then uninstall - and delete the stuff the uninstall
leaves behind - so that I can then manually install the copy to take
tighter control over what goes where.)

I do like the idea of trying to find a way to get more people to try
IBO. It is just that, if you give away the heart, there is much less
incentive to purchase the rest.

Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing