Subject Re: [IBO] IBO advantages over IBX
Author Paul Gallagher

I just had a brainstorm (more of a drizzle really). Offer a "stripped down"
version of IBO. Include only the basic TDataset data access and maybe some
of the bars. Basically, make it as comparable as possible to IBX. Include
the full source of the stripped version to satisfy the corporate buyers. And
make it FREE.

Everyone will marvel at how fast and easy to use the IBO components are, and
eventually they will want more, and thus purchase the entire suite. With the
increased sales you generate from the promotion, you could possibly even
lower the price of the full version and create even more sales.

The most important thing here is to make it VERY EASY to get and INSTALL.
Have your friends at IBPhoenix and Interbase2000 place a very obvious link
to a direct download of a self installing exe file. You would also have to
work on an automatic installation utility.

There is really little or no risk on your part. The source is already out
there, so you are not risking pirating by releasing the source for the
TDataset access.(Actually, FREE takes away ALL motivation for pirates.) And
because of your continuous improvements and bug fixes, if you decide to
abandon the free promotion, the free releases would be basically obsolete
within a relatively short period of time anyway.

Paul Gallagher

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