Subject Question about dates and question about tib_memo.
Author Geno

Have a question about IBO and dates. Have a date field. Want the
user to be able to enter no date. Set mask to format date as
mm/dd/yy. All is fine as long as user never enters date. After a
date is entered, there is no way to reset it back to blank. If the
user deletes the date you get ' / / ' which is flagged as an
invalid date. In the BDE, I put a routine in the field editors
OnSetText event to check for a date of ' / / ' and it so do a
field.clear. This worked great but can't figure a way to accomplish
a similar thing using IBO.

Have a TIB_Memo control linked to a blob field in my table. Can't
seem to get the TIB_Memo to accept data. Acts like it is read-only.