Subject Using TIBOQuery....
Author Clément Doss
Hi List,

I am using IBO 3.6Cc , D5.01, IB6 D1 and Win2kPro...

I am using TIBOQuery with 3rd party data-aware controls.
I am unable to COMMIT a simple record...

The form I am working on is very simple.
One TIOBQuery, one TDatasource , one grid and one ActionList.
The actions are : Insert, First,Prior,Next,Last, Post, Cancel and
Delete (I am using the TDataset based actions)

I have set each action DataSource to the TDatasource.

I hit the Insert Button...
Enter all the data...
Hit the post...
Browse for a little while...
Close the form...
Reopen it...
The record I just entered is gone :(

I placed a IB_Transaction, and linked it.
I set the isolation level to tiCommitted,
and IB_Connection to IB_Connection1.
I got a few AVs, iif I posted the changes and closed
the form. I solved it (the AVs) by changing
its (IB_Transaction) creation order to the top most.
I repeated the step #1
I have observed the exact same behaviour.
(The data is simply not there).

I guess I have messed up everything again :(
What should be the necessary components to
edit a simple table using TIBOQuery.
The table has two fields:
ID and Description.
Shall I use IB_Connection?
Shall I use explicit transactions?
Shall I stop and buy an ice cream?

Merry Xmas & a Happy New Year,

Best regards,