Subject Re: [IBO] Question about dates and question about tib_memo.
Author Luiz Alves
> OnSetText event to check for a date of ' / / ' and it so do a
> field.clear. This worked great but can't figure a way to accomplish
> a similar thing using IBO.

Try it on OnSetText event to DateTime Field:

var s:string;
with (Sender as TField) do
if s='/ /' then

I tryed and works well to me, although I don't use TIBO components to edit

PS:IB_Date with TIB_Query(not TIBOQuery) treats it better.

> TIB_meno:
> Have a TIB_Memo control linked to a blob field in my table. Can't
> seem to get the TIB_Memo to accept data. Acts like it is read-only.

I can't see what is wrong. Maybe with more information.