Subject IBO 3.6 Bd TIBOFloatField (Class not found)
Author L @
Hi Jason,

I downloaded IBO 3.6B, IBO 3.6Bc and IBO 3.6Bd...
I installed IBO 3.6B and IBO 3.6Bd. (The version
information of IBConnection is 3.6 Bd).
When I actually open a project, this error
message appears (Class not found : TIBOFloatField).
If I destroy and them recreate the fields, the project
runs fine. If I close the project and open it again... same error!

I have cleared my IBO installation directory, and Installed again IBO
3.6B + 3.6Bd... Same problem. I cleared the directory and Installed
IBO 3.6B+ 3.6c same problem. I cleared the directory and installed
only 3.6B. This problem has gone!

What have I messed up :-( ?

Best regards,