Subject [IBO] Server-side master/detail and MIDAS
Author John Hermes
Please excuse my IBO newbie-ness, here:

I'm working on a MIDAS server app. I am migrating from BDE -> IBO to
get rid of some ISAPI/threading-related issues with the BDE. All the
single-dataset providers ported over just fine. It's a nested one I
need to get working.

What I can do now:
Using BDE, I can define a TTable, point a TDataSource and
TDataSetProvider to it, then define a TQuery and connect it to the
datasource. This of course creates a nested master/detail dataset
which is then made available to MIDAS clients through the provider.
Using a DCOMConnection and a TClientDataSet's fields editor I can
display the master table's fields and the name of the TQuery (as a
nested dataset field which can be assigned to another TClientDataSet).

What I am trying to do using IBO:
I'm trying to use TIBOTable, TDataSource and TIBOQuery to provide the
same nested dataset structure, without success. The client-side
fields editor does not see the nested detail from the TIBOQuery. I
have reviewed the MasterDetail dataset tutorial and have tried using
a MasterSource/MasterField TIBOTable, but am not making any progress
with this conversion.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!