Subject Re: [IBO] IBObjects & Top Grid
Author Miguel Hernáez
If you want compatibilty with TDataset you must to use TIBOTable, TIBOQuery
and the standard TDatasource and you can to use TopGrid and other VCLs.
TIB_Datasource, TIB_Query and so on are for the IBO native controls.

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Subject: [IBO] IBObjects & Top Grid

> Hello:
> I am a novice to Interbase and IBObjects. I am currently attempting
> to convert my existing appliations to Interbase and IBObjects. All
> works fine except my current applications make extensive use of a
> product called Top Grid. Here is my problem. Top Grid requires a
> DataSource. If I drop a TIBOTable and a standard TDatasouce
> component on a form , all works fine. However, being a novice I am
> not sure if the BDE is still required if I use a standard TDatasource
> component. If I drop a TIBOTable and a TIB_Datasource, the
> TIB_Datasource does not see the TIBOTable. If I drop a TIB_Query and
> a TIB_Datasource, that works fine except Top Grid does not see the
> TIB_Datasource. Can anyone assist?
> Thanks