Subject IBObjects & Top Grid
Author Geno

I am a novice to Interbase and IBObjects. I am currently attempting
to convert my existing appliations to Interbase and IBObjects. All
works fine except my current applications make extensive use of a
product called Top Grid. Here is my problem. Top Grid requires a
DataSource. If I drop a TIBOTable and a standard TDatasouce
component on a form , all works fine. However, being a novice I am
not sure if the BDE is still required if I use a standard TDatasource
component. If I drop a TIBOTable and a TIB_Datasource, the
TIB_Datasource does not see the TIBOTable. If I drop a TIB_Query and
a TIB_Datasource, that works fine except Top Grid does not see the
TIB_Datasource. Can anyone assist?