Subject Re: [IBO] IBObjects & Top Grid
Author Helen Borrie
At 02:57 PM 14-11-00 +0000, you wrote:
>I am a novice to Interbase and IBObjects. I am currently attempting
>to convert my existing appliations to Interbase and IBObjects. All
>works fine except my current applications make extensive use of a
>product called Top Grid. Here is my problem. Top Grid requires a
>DataSource. If I drop a TIBOTable and a standard TDatasouce
>component on a form , all works fine.

That's good to know.

>However, being a novice I am
>not sure if the BDE is still required if I use a standard TDatasource

No, the BDE is not required at all in IBO applications.

>If I drop a TIBOTable and a TIB_Datasource, the
>TIB_Datasource does not see the TIBOTable.

TIB_Datasource is not designed for the TIBO* components - they work with
Delphi's TDatasource.

>If I drop a TIB_Query and
>a TIB_Datasource, that works fine except Top Grid does not see the

IB Objects has two distinct series of components.

Use only the TIBO* components with third-party components that need
TDataset in their heredity.

Use only the TIB_ components with the TIB_ controls.

You cannot mix TIB_ and TIBO_ components.


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