Subject RE: [IB-Conversions] What is a Lytec *.dbp file?
Author Anthony Tanas
My problem is solved. I think the main problem is that I didn't have the
right version of the engine running. You can get a 30 day trial of the
Pervasive Workstation engine or purchase it for only $25.

<<<" seems to have a tool that can export data from a
Pervasive DB (I don't know whether this is the tool you bought, though).
But it does seem you need to get your hands on the database files.">>>

These guys rock. Definitely thank you Helen for pointing them out. Their
support kicks ass, I got prompt attention for support on their free demo. I
am definitely going to buy their stuff.

<<<"This outfit has a service for converting Lytec databases:">>>

These guys suck. I DID purchase their stuff last week and they couldn't be
bothered to help me to get it to work. I blew $150 on these guys which is a
lot of money for me these days. Thank God I didn't buy their more expensive
stuff (which I would have eventually if they had supported me).

Anyway dbxtra's tool is much more flexible, it will connect to many data
sources including any ODBC source (that's how it gets into Pervasive) and
then has a standard QBE interface. With Classic Software it only connects
to Pervasive (in theory), although natively. And with the version I had at
least it will only dump the contents of the table into a file, not through a
query, so importing the data into my Firebird database would be much more

So with dbxtra I'm imagining that I set up a standard file format for my
importer program that I'll write and then I can set up queries with dbxtra
to export into my standard file format and run with one importer that I
write for my database.