Subject Query Builder
Author Anthony Tanas
Unfortunately I could not get dbxtra to work on my main computer. The
company has been great they've spent hours with me including connecting into
my computer so I can't complain about them and would highly recommend them.
We're getting some sort of weird VB "429 - ActiveX can't create object"
error that is apparently unique to my system.

I'm not sure if they have given up on my problem, but the last I heard from
them is they "have no idea" what the problem is and would get back to me so
as a contingency I am going to work on just writing my own export program in

OK so basically my question is does anyone know of any freeware or dirt
cheap QBE (Query By Example) interfaces to ODBC data sources? The Lytec
system's database (again Pervasive SQL) has tons of fields in it and the
table layout is different then my own and so I could whip up my queries much
faster with a QBE then by hand.

I seem to recall older versions of Delphi having one built into their
Tquerys as a component editor or something, but I could be mistaken. I
tried Database Desktop and it didn't seem to list my ODBC data source.

Thanks for any suggestions,