Subject RE: [IB-Conversions] What is a Lytec *.dbp file?
Author Anthony Tanas
"Have you tried opening the .dpb file in a text editor to see whether it is
some kind of metadata script?"

Yes I looked, the file is binary.

"There is one posting there that lists out the files (multiple!) that you
need to open a table in Pervasive-SQL (the modern name for Btrieve)."

Yea, I'm thinking I perhaps didn't get all the files I needed. I got all
the files that were in a share folder but there were no "DDF" files.
Perhaps those remain on the server for the server engine to read. I can't
check untill tommorow (and drive two hours :( ).

"Googling on "pervasive lytec .dbp" yielded quite a lot of hits..."

I only get 11 hits with that exact search and I have seen most of those

" seems to have a tool that can export data from a
Pervasive DB (I don't know whether this is the tool you bought, though).
But it does seem you need to get your hands on the database files."

No that's not the one I bought, I'll check that out, thanks!

"This outfit has a service for converting Lytec databases:"

Yea, those are the guys I bought the tool from. It's called "Data Manager",
but apparently they don't work weekends. Slackers! :p

Thanks for the reply Helen. :)