Subject What is a Lytec *.dbp file?
Author Anthony Tanas
Hi everyone. I'm new to this group. I write a medical software package in
Delphi / Firebird (via IBObjects).

I am needing to convert Lytec 2004 (medical software) data for one of my
beta testers. I went to their office and copied the database (or so I

I purchased a tool called "Data Manager for Btrieve and Pervasive SQL" from
a company called "Classic Software".

The files I copied from the client are *.dbp files. I try to open them in
my utility program and it says the file is not a btrieve file, in fact the
extension is not even in the list of known types.

My question is:

What is a DBP file (this has been amazingly hard to figure out after hours
and hours of searching on the net)? Is it possible this is not a Btrieve
file? Did I perhaps not copy all the files I need?

Thanks for your time!