Subject [ANN] InstantBDExpress 1.5: conversion of BDE applications to dbExpress
Author Nando Dessena
Not exactly or not only firebird-related, but here it goes anyway...

The new version 1.5 of InstantBDExpress (IBDX) is now available. IBDX
is a component library designed to ease the conversion of existing BDE
applications over to the dbExpress technology.

This is the first publicly available release of IBDX, which has been
used in-house to support conversion projects for our customers in the
last two years.

IBDX is available for Delphi 7 and Delphi 2006; as per our hassle-free
policy, the trial version doesn't have any limitations or expiration;
it only lacks the sources.

Point your browsers to the following site for more information,
documentation, prices and trial download:

Contact us (info@...) to get access to IBDX's public newsgroup.

Nando Dessena