Subject ANN: IBExpert New Version 2006.12.11 ready for Download
Author HKlemt
IBExpert New Version 2006.12.11 ready for Download

Today we uploaded a new Version 2006.12.11
of IBExpert on

What is new or improved?
1. Database Comparer:
2. SP Editor:
3. Data Grid:
4. SQL Editor:
5. Script Editor / IBEScript:
6. Extract Metadata:
7. Blob Viewer/Editor:
8. SP/Trigger/View Analyzer:
9. Dependencies Viewer:
10. Autogrant Privileges:
11. Database Designer:
12. Data Analysis:
13. HTML Documentation:
14. Database Explorer:
15. IBEBlock:
16. A lot of minor bugfixes and small improvements...
17. One/Two day on site Performance Workshop
18. One day Replace BDE with IBO Workshop
*19. IBExpert Site License XMas Special Offer, valid until 24th Dec 2006*

1. Database Comparer:

* "Safe datatype conversion only" option added (enabled by default).
If this option is enabled only safe datatype conversion
(ALTER <column> TYPE <new_type>) will be performed.
Otherwise direct update of system tables will be used.

* Support of InterBase 2007

2. SP Editor:

* Fixed problem with order of variables and cursors when using
Lazy Mode
(Firebird 2.0)

3. Data Grid:

* Fixed problem with printing data when there is more than one
active data

* Added possibility to edit UTF8 fields as unicode

4. SQL Editor:

* Fixed problem with editing of updatable views

* Fixed problem with missing context menu of the Query Bar

5. Script Editor / IBEScript:

* Fixed problem with comments within INSERTEX statements.

* Fixed problem with missing quoting of identifiers when performing of
INSERTEX statements

6. Extract Metadata:

* Added possibility to extract array fields data as blob data
(into a LOB-file).

* Fixed problem with useless SET BLOBFILE directive when there are
no blobs
in the result script

7. Blob Viewer/Editor:

* Fixed problem with incorrect behaviour of hex-editor component
when using
SDI interface

8. SP/Trigger/View Analyzer:

* Added possibility to display compiler messages

9. Dependencies Viewer:

* Added possibility to run SP/Trigger/View (Database) Analyzer for
objects. Use the context menu of dependencies tree to do this.

10. Autogrant Privileges:

* Fixed problem with granting privileges on temporary tables
(InterBase 7.5 and later)

* Fixed problem with granting privileges for DECLARE CURSOR
statements (Firebird 2.0)

11. Database Designer:

* Added possibility to specify expression for indices.

* Fixed problem with missing index expressions after reverse

12. Data Analysis:

* Added possibility to select/deselect more than one
measure/dimension at a time
using drag-n-drop.

13. HTML Documentation:

* Fixed problem with missing index expressions.

14. Database Explorer:

* Added possibility to autogrant privileges for several selected
at a time

15. IBEBlock:

* ibec_Format function implemented.
This function returns a formatted string assembled from a format
string and a list of arguments.

function ibec_Format(AFormat: string; Arg1 : variant; ...; ArgN
: variant): string;

ibec_Format function formats the series of arguments Arg1...ArgN.
Formatting is controlled by the format string AFormat;
the results are returned in the function result as a string.

Examples of usage:

execute ibeblock
NumOfFiles = 10;
Mes = ibec_Format('%d files were deleted', NumOfFiles);

execute ibeblock
Mes = ibec_Format('There are now %d records in the table %s',
1000, 'MYTABLE');

* ibec_InputQuery function implemented.
This function displays an input dialog that enables the user to
enter a string.

function ibec_InputQuery(const ACaption, APrompt: string; var
Value: string): Boolean;

Call ibec_InputQuery to bring up an input dialog box ready for
the user
to enter a string in its edit box. The ACaption parameter is the
caption of
the dialog box, the APrompt parameter is the text that prompts
the user
to enter input in the edit box, and the Value parameter is the
that appears in the edit box when the dialog box first appears.

If the user enters a string in the edit box and chooses OK, the
Value parameter
changes to the new value.

InputQuery returns True if the user chooses OK, and False if the
user chooses
Cancel or presses the Esc key.


execute ibeblock
Caption = '
Mes = ibec_Format('There are now %d records in the table %s',
1000, 'MYTABLE');

* ibec_MessageDlg function implemented.
This function displays a message dialog box in the center of the

function ibec_MessageDlg(Msg: string; DlgType: integer; Buttons:
integer): integer;

Call ibec_MessageDlg to bring up a message box and obtain the
user's response.
The message box displays the value of the Msg parameter.
Use the DlgType parameter to indicate the purpose of the dialog.
Possible values of the DlgType parameter are:

__mtWarning = 0 - A message box containing a yellow exclamation
point symbol.
__mtError = 1 - A message box containing a red stop sign.
__mtInformation = 2 - A message box containing a blue "i".
__mtConfirmation = 3 - A message box containing a green question
__mtCustom = 4 - A message box containing no bitmap.

Use the Buttons parameter to indicate what buttons should appear
in the message box.
Following values of the Buttons parameters and their combinations
can be used:

__mbYes = 1 - A button with 'Yes' on its face.
__mbNo = 2 - A button the text 'No' on its face.
__mbOK = 4 - A button the text 'OK' on its face.
__mbCancel = 8 - A button with the text 'Cancel' on its face.
__mbAbort = 16 - A button with the text 'Abort' on its face
__mbRetry = 32 - A button with the text 'Retry' on its face
__mbIgnore = 64 - A button the text 'Ignore' on its face
__mbAll = 128 - A button with the text 'All' on its face
__mbNoToAll = 256 - A button with the text 'No to All' on its face
__mbYesToAll = 512 - A button with the text 'Yes to All' on its face
__mbHelp = 1024 - A button with the text 'Help' on its face

ibec_MessageDlg returns the value of the button the user selected.
These are the possible return values:


16. A lot of minor bugfixes and small improvements...

17. One/Two day on site Performance Workshop

-Do you really know that there are no blocking transactions?
-Is the garbagecollector really successful?
-Is the database design as good as it can be?
-Will additional indices increase or decrease performance?
-Are changes on existing indices needed?
-Do the Stored Procedures/Triggers/Views use the indices?
-Which are the bottleneck sql statements in your application?
-How to optimize SQL statements for specific jobs?

All this questions can be answered by the IBExpert Team. There
are different ways how we can support you.

The classical way:

One/Two day on site Performance Workshop:

A very experienced IBExpert employee will review your system
in your production environment and improve your options and
environment. A code review might also give some hints to
your development team. This workshop will take between one
and two days. Languages english or german.

Pricing with individual traveling costs can be asked from

This service is worldwide avilable!
The new way:

Remote Performance Support:

Based on skype and our remote support software, we connect
on a develpoment machine or database server in your network,
which must have an internet connection. Using the skype voice
connection or regular phone, we dicuss the possible problems
and review your system using our remotedesktop support
system. You get some hints what you should change or already
some changes in your database and configuration, that might
improve your system.

Individual SQL statements might be analyzed and optimized
as needed or replaced by a functional identical
stored procedure (our current record is a sql command that
was changed from 28 hours to just 2.5 minutes running inside
a stored procedure in a 20GB database).
Language english or german, time up to 60 minutes

How to order? just open our shop on

select category services and order the product
"Remote Performance Support", price is 175 Euro.

We will give you a timeframe when our performce experts will
contact you within the next 2 days. If you confirm, you will
get a skype or regular call and instructions how to setup the
remotedesktop support system, which is just a simple exe file.

This service is worldwide avilable!
18. One day Replace BDE with IBO Workshop

Converting an existing BDE application to use the IBObjects
data access components instead of TDatabase, TTable and TQuery
is a straight swap that can be accomplished in a few minutes
with the assistance of the free GReplace tool from the Object
Software Technology site. But there are some issues which
will come up after the first easy steps depending on the way
your software works. Based of the HK-Software experience you
are guided through all important steps. If required, you
can also convert your existing Interbase 5/6/7, Paradox or
dbase BDE Application to use the free and powerfull Firebird
Database Server.

Pricing with individual traveling costs can be asked from

This service is worldwide avilable!
19. IBExpert Site License XMas Special Offer, valid until 24th Dec 2006
Special price for IBExpert Site License 799 Euro (regular 1450 Euro)

- Unlimited usage of IBExpert on every computer in your company

- License File included, so no Computer specific Keys are required

- This includes also the IBEScript.dll SDK version and IBEScript.exe
commandline version.

- The Site License File has no Time Limitation

- 12 Month Updates to all new Versions (major and minor) included

- If you already have any IBExpert License (Single License or
Starter Kit), you can buy this as an Upgrade to have two years
all new versions (in this case buy the Site License Extension
Product and write the old License ID in the remarks field)

- This Offer is only valid until 24th Dec 2006

How to Order? open our shop on
choose category Special and select the Special Offer


IBExpert Unternehmenslizenz, Weihnachtssonderangebot bis 24.12.2006
Sonderpreis für die IBExpert Unternehmenslizenz 799 Euro (regulär 1450

- Unlimitierter IBExpert Einsatz auf allen Computern in Ihrem Unternehmen

- Lizenzdatei enthalten, keine computerspezifischen Freischaltcodes

- Das beinhaltet auch die IBEScript.dll SDK Version und die
IBEScript.exe Kommandozeilenversion

- Die Lizendatei hat kein Zeitlimitierung

- 12 Monate alle Updates und alle neuen Versionen

- wenn Sie bereits eine IBExpert Lizenz (Single, Starter oder Site)
haben, dann können Sie das Extension Produkt als Upgrade kaufen
und haben automatisch 2 Jahre Zugriff auf Updates und alle neuen
Versionen (In diesem Fall schreiben Sie in das Bemerkungsfeld
bitte Ihre bisherige Lizenz ID).

- Das Angebot ist nur gültig bis zum 24.12.2006

Wie kann man bestellen? Öffnen Sie unseren Shop auf
wählen Sie die Kategorie Special und wählen Sie das Angebot


Site License

If you purchase the IBExpert Site License, we will create a License
File for all computers/workstations used in your company. It is not
necessary to register each workstation individually. It includes
all updates for 12 months following date of purchase.

To extend the update period for a further 24 months (2 year period),
you will need to purchase an IBExpert Site License Extension.

The regular price for the IBExpert Site License and the IBExpert
Site License Extension is EUR 1,450.00 (plus sales tax/VAT at the
current German rate of 16% for all EU residents).

Refer to purchase for further information about ordering IBExpert

Standard Site licenses cover an unlimited number of users at a
single location of your company or organization.

Enterprise Site licenses cover an unlimited number of users
within your company, school district/county, or organization,
regardless of location or distance.

For all Site licenses, the following applies:

A "single location" is defined as the physical address (location)
of the site license purchaser. Users who are current employees
of the company or organization at the physical address which
purchased the site license may use the software beyond this
physical address (e.g. laptops) provided that at least 50% of
the software use under the license is at the physical address
which purchased the site license.

A Enterprise Site license does not have this locational or
distance restriction.

Prices for Enterprise Site licenses are available upon request
to info@... (please state how many sites you wish
to register the license for when enquiring).


Site-Lizenz (Betriebslizenz)

Wenn Sie eine IBExpert Site-Lizenz (Betriebslizenz) erwerben,
generieren wir eine Lizenzdatei für alle in Ihren Betrieb
eingesetzten Computer. Es ist also nicht notwendig eine
Einzelplatz-Registrierung vorzunehmen. Die IBExpert
Sitelizenz beinhaltet alle Updates für 12 Monate ab

Um die Update-Berechtigung um 24 Monate zu verlängern, müssen
Sie eine Verlängerung der IBExpert Sitelizenz Updateberechtigung

Der reguläre Preis für die IBExpert Sitelizenz und die
Verlängerung der IBExpert Sitelizenz Updateberechtigung beträgt
EUR 1.450,00 (zzgl. gesetzl. Mwst. - beträgt in Deutschland
derzeit 16%, gültig für alle Bestellungen aus EU-Mitgliedsstaaten.)

Bitte vergessen Sie nicht, Ihre vollständigen
Registrierungsinformationen bei der Bestellung anzugeben!

Weitere Informationen zur Bestellung von IBExpert Lizenzen
finden Sie in unserem Online Shop.

Standard-Sitelizenzen sind für den Einsatz an dem Einzelstandort
Ihrer Firma oder Organisation für eine unbegrenzte Anzahl
von Benutzern vorgesehen.

Enterprise Sitelizenzen (Unternehmenssitelizenzen) sind,
unabhängig von dem Standort, für den Einsatz innerhalb
Ihrer Firma, Schule oder Organisation vorgesehen, .

Für alle Sitelizenzen gilt folgendes:

Ein "Einzelstandort" ist definiert als physikalische Adresse
(Standort) des Sitelizenznehmers. Benutzer, die
Angestellte/ Mitarbeiter des Lizenznehmers (der Firma oder
Organisation) sind, können die Software auch außerhalb des
physikalischen Standorts nutzen (z.B. Notebook), vorausgesetzt,
das diese mindestens zu 50% am physikalischen Standort des
Lizenznehmers genutzt wird.

Eine Enterprise Sitelizenze unterliegt keiner örtlichen

Preise für die Enterprise Sitelizenz erhalten Sie auf Anfrage
an info@... (bitte geben Sie an, an wievielen
Standorten die Lizenz eingesetzt werden soll).

If you are registered customer and cannot access the
customer area, please check the update end date from
your registration form.

If you update right is already expired,you can extend
it for the next two years with buying the Extension
license(s) in our shop. See details on our Web Site or just ask register@...
for details.

The IBExpert Team

The most Expert for InterBase and Firebird ---
HK Software - Gerhard Stalling Strasse 47a - 26135 Oldenburg - Germany
Phone/Fax +49 700 IBEXPERT (42397378)
Training and Support for Delphi, InterBase, Firebird, AS/400