Subject [Ann] FIBPlus and FastReport 4.0 compatibility
Author Marina Novikova
FIBPlus and FastReport 4.0 integration component is available for immediate

This new version of the component includes the following changes:

a.. TfrxDatabase.LibraryName - an ability to define the client library.
This feature enables developers to use native libraries for InterBase
(gds32.dll), Firebird (fbclient.dll) and Embedded Firebird (fbembed.dll).
b.. TfrxFIBDatabase.TRParams - a property for setting transaction
parameters. As the reading transaction has a default optimal parameters,
server resources are considerably saved on working with big reports.
c.. An ability to connect to the database automatically on opening a
report has been added.
d.. TfrxEngineFIB - the function for getting table fields has been
optimized. Now the fields are formed dynamically without opening a dataset.
This feature provides developers with a more economical method of getting
necessary system information.
e.. Minor bug fixes and code optimization have been implemented.

Sincerely yours,
Marina Novikova
Marketing Manager

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