Subject Re: [firebird-tools] flamerobin 0.4.0 is released
Author Milan Babuskov
Scott Taylor wrote:
> You are welcome. I use many Linux distributions, the one I tried to
> install on was a RHES3 server. I tried the RPM, but RHES3 is out dated
> for that, then the source, where I found I needed WX which needs Mono,

This is the "fault" of whoever made a .rpm package of wx. WX does not
need Mono, it's just one of the options. Using a binary version of such
universal toolkit like wx is not a good idea anyway. The easiest
brain-dead no-deps variant is to download and build wx yourself. It is
simple and easy, the only problem being the size of wx sources (~15MB).
When you build it yourself, it only depends on stuff it detected on your

> then the GTK2 because, most GTK stuff just works, that's when I found I
> was still missing libXinerama.

This is our fault, I'll fix it in the future.

> GTK1 worked as you said.
> I hope this is of help.

Does gtk1 version look fine on RHES? I tried it on Fedora, and it really
looks nice.

Milan Babuskov