Subject flamerobin 0.4.0 is released
Author Marius popa
After a long time, we finally made an official release again. 0.4.0
release brings some new features, a lot of bug fixes, and FreeBSD

Known issues:

- Backup and restore use display name instead of hostname. Be sure to
use the same if you backup/restore from FR

- On Linux and FreeBSD FlameRobin stores it's files in system wide
directories. This means that you cannot simply unpack and run it
anymore, you need to install it. To simplify the process, we provide a
Makefile in our binary packages. So, went you unpack the binary
just run "make install" as root. Alternatively, you can install from
.deb or .rpm package which don't require those steps.

Here's a list of new features and bugfixes since 0.2.5:

New features

- History of SQL statements, presistent even after closing program
- Activate/deactivate option for triggers
- "Drop multiple columns" option for tables
- Execute option for procedures
- Preferences can be set on database basis (ex. logging)
- Option to restore backup into new database
- Support for SET AUTODDL isql feature and option to automatically
commit DDL statements
- Support for RECREATE and CREATE OR ALTER statements
- FreeBSD port
- Support for computed columns (shown in tree, removed from insert
- Calltips for UDFs
- Properties page for UDFs
- Option "create new trigger" for tables and views
- Support for table indices - display, add, drop, recompute stats.,
- Property page for view's triggers
- Select object's name in SQL editor and get its properties page
- Context menu for properties windows with options to print and save
- Implemented "open in new window" context menu option for properties
page links
- Added main menu for main application window
- Added "diplay name" to servers and databases
- "Connect as" option for databases: ability to connect as different
user/role without need to register new database

Enhancements and Bug fixes

- Fixed bug when password is supplied upon connecting
- Fixed parsing of committed statements when statement starts with a
- Main menu system reorganized
- Configuration files reorganized: user configuration files stored in
user's directories
- Option to hide the status bar
- Option to hide databases that are not connected
- Fixed background colors of read-only fields in various dialogs
- Fixed "no database assigned" error for new databases
- Made sure the statement with error is visible in large scripts
- Changed the execute key to F4, as F9 has a special meaning on some
- Long text now wraps on Dependencies page, making to easier to read
- Fixed scrollbar bugs of data grid with Linux port
- Mousewheel now works on Linux
- IBPP library sources added to the project
- Compare database's and connection charset and warn user if they
- Bigint datatype added to field properties dialog
- Option to disable autocompletion inside quoted text
- Fixed bug that sql editor dialog can have an empty title
- Improved handling of fatal exceptions
- ALTER TABLE x ALTER COLUMN y updates the tree/properties page
- Improved handling when adding NOT NULL columns
- Fixed bug when SP and triggers contained ampersand (&) in source (FR
would hang)
- Size and position of minimized windows is not stored anymore
- Pressing function keys and clicking buttons in SQL editor now does
- Prompt to overwrite files when saving in SQL editor
- Faster startup upon connection since domains are loaded on-demand
- Dropping tables and views now properly removes triggers from tree
- Fixed parsing of CREATE,ALTER,DROP trigger statements (tables/views
get notified)
- Saving data to html file now uses default .html extension if user
not supply it
- Fixed and improved dependencies detection for database objects
- Fixed logging to file: newlines are added when headers are off
- Registration of Firebird embedded server is now possible from
- Firebird 1.5 charsets made available, charset box is user editable
support future charsets
- Current tree item's database printed in status bar instead of
- Improved connecting speed by postponing loading of autogenerated
domain info

Milan Babuskov

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