Subject Re: [firebird-tools] flamerobin 0.4.0 is released
Author Scott Taylor
Milan Babuskov said:
> Hi,
> Scott Taylor wrote:
>> Suddenly, going from version 0.2.0 to 0.4.0 requires a lot of third
>> party parts to install, wx, Mono... libXinerama?
> Now, on to answers:

<thanks for the thorough explanation>

> Thanx for pointing out the problem. In the end, I would like to know
> which distribution are you using and which package you downloaded.

You are welcome. I use many Linux distributions, the one I tried to
install on was a RHES3 server. I tried the RPM, but RHES3 is out dated
for that, then the source, where I found I needed WX which needs Mono,
then the GTK2 because, most GTK stuff just works, that's when I found I
was still missing libXinerama.

GTK1 worked as you said.

I hope this is of help.

> I'll make sure that binaries for 0.5.0 only require what they really need.

That would be great.

Thanks for not thinking I'm just some grumpy, old fart, (which I probably
am) with nothing better to then bitch about stuff I don't understand. ;)