Subject IBExpert and Thai
Author peter_jacobi.rm
One brave tester of my Thai character set reported
problems with using IBExpert.

I tried to reproduce the setup, and got these results:

I created an empty database aliased to 'cstest.alias'.

I did run these scripts:
isql -e -i cstest_create.sql
isql -e -i cstest_tis620.sql

So far, everything works fine.

Then I registered this database with IBExpert:
a) I did set the connection charset to NONE, as IBExpert
won't accepts charsets from fbintl2.dll as connection
b) I did set the font charset to THAI_CHARSET
c) And all the other stuff: set to FB1.5, set fblient.dll, etc

No I connected to the database created with ISQL.

Result: The table THAI did display correctly

BUT: When I cut'n'paste fields containing Thai characters
into Wordpad, the characters arrive as Latin-1 Supplement
characters (U+00A0..U+00FF range). Sadly, but consequently,
when enter Thai characters into Wordpad, and try to insert
these into a new row in IBExpert, the characters are not recognized
correctly, but display as ? and the row cannot be inserted.

Any comments? Perhaps a 'observe font character for Unicode
conversions' checkbox is needed?

Does anybody use IBExpert successfully for non-Latin charsets?

Peter Jacobi