Subject ANN: IBExpert New Version 2004.6.17 ready for Download
Author HKlemt
IBExpert New Version 2004.6.17 ready for Download

IBExpert Newsletter 18.6.2004

Today we uploaded a new Version 2004.6.17
of IBExpert on

If you are registered customer and cannot
access the customer area, please check the
update end date from your registration form.
If you update right is already expired,
you can extend it for the next two years
with buying the same license(s) again in
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IBExpert 2004.6.17
(bugfixes and improvements since 2004.4.1)

1. IBExpert:

* IBExpert prevented Windows (2000/XP) to logoff/shutdown.
It's fixed.

2. Log Manager:

* Added templates for data logging triggers.
See Options | General Templates | Data Logging Triggers
for more details.

3. Database Designer:

* Fixed problem with copying/pasting of model objects.
Now it's possible to copy/paste between diagrams.

* IBExpert ignored Generate property for views and
table constraints. It's fixed.

* Added possibility to specify font character set for
model objects.
See Model Options | General | Font Character Set.

4. Database Comparer:

* Fixed some problems with domains while comparing scripts.

5. SQL Editor:

* Fixed problem with displaying of error messages while
executing a query in background.

6. SP Editor:

* Fixed problem with autogranting privileges for
recursive procedures.

* Added Script tab. It includes CREATE PROCEDURE statement,
SP and parameter descriptions and GRANT statements.

7. Extract Metadata:

* Fixed problem with extracting computed BLOB fields.

8. SP Debugger:

* Fixed some problems with EXECUTE STATEMENT and

* Fixed problem with conditional breakpoints (didn't
work after Reset Procedure).

* Fixed problem with default values of variables
(Firebird 1.5).

* Fixed some problems with handling of DOUBLE PRECISION

9. Database Explorer:

* Fixed problem with drag-n-drop of domains from one
database into another (incorrect length of VARCHAR domains).

* There was a problem with including computed fields
into INSERT/UPDATE statements while dragging a table
node into Code Editor. It's fixed.

10. Query Builder:

* There was an AV after deleting of table from work area.
It's fixed.

11. Table Editor:

* There was a problem with autogranting privileges for
autoincrement triggers. It's fixed.

12. Table Data Comparer:

* There was a problem while comparing tables where all fields
are included into primary key. It's fixed.

13. Script Executive:

* Fixed a problem with stopping of script execution after
first error in input file (INPUT sql_script_file).

14. Data View:

* The order of edit controls in Form View now corresponds
to the order of columns in Grid View.

15. IBEScript was updated. Current version is 1.88.

16. IBEExtract was updated. Current version is 1.92.

17. IBECompare was updated. Current version is 1.3

18. New Languages added and other language files updated

19. Many other minor bugfixes and small improvements.

The IBExpert Team

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