Subject ANN: sqlWin for Firebird/IB
Author AndyColson
Hello group!

Ever used MSSql server's Query analyzer? A big text box on top where
you type sql, a big result grid on bottom? Thats what this is.

Except I added a scripting language on top of standard sql.

So you can do things like:

$a = 4;
if $a >= 4 {
drop table bob;

-- and there are some objects too!
$a = select id, name, address from bob;
while ! $a.eof() {
print "$ is assigned to $";

Its a free utility (for now, please check the license page) for
windows platform.

If your interested, please checkout

(I _Just_ changed the DNS so hopefully you should be able to see it
soon. If not please give it a day to propogate)