Subject Re[2]: [firebird-tools] FbConfigMgr
Author Carlos H. Cantu
I had the feeling that you guys did not like to publish code in CVS
before testing it. Anyway, I dont have upload access to FB-CVS tree,
but I can send the code to someone that has.

The actual code is simple an enhanced/cleaned version of the original
one ported to CLX so no console interface right now.

Can you explain what is your idea of a Win tool updating the config
files in a linux server ? I can't imagine how to do that in a
situation where there are no fisical access (read network access) to
the config files on the server. Or is there FB API's that can be used
to handle the config files that I'm missing ?

Anyway, the registry usage is optional, you can force the file to be
used passing a command line switch.

FireBase -

HB> At 09:50 AM 13/07/2003 -0300, you wrote:
>>I have a working version of this utility in CLX (Win/Linux). Didn't
>>have time to check all the linux dependencies to be able to distribute
>>it for testing on linux yet, but it seems to work ok on my Linux box
>>(of course with Kylix installed). I also integrated an ALIAS manager
>>to the utility.
>>Maybe it's time to post the code in the fb-tools list and let people
>>test it and update the strings. Any suggestions ?

HB> No, don't post the code in the list. Versioning would just go out of
HB> control. We use CVS for Firebird projects just to prevent that.

HB> If you have Kylix code for FbConfigMgr, it's important that you include it
HB> in the tree.

HB> No problem with discussing the code issues here though. A couple I can
HB> think of, are 1) making the Linux version text-based to avoid the enormous
HB> overhead of running X on the database server and to avoid the QT
HB> incompatibilities; and 2) making a Delphi (Windows) version that can
HB> handle the config files remotely for a Linux server. (I guess as long as
HB> we have tools that depend on reading the Registry, they can't be considered
HB> for remote use for Windows servers...)

HB> To tell the truth, I find the config files easier to manage with Notepad
HB> and Pico respectively, than with this utility as it is currently
HB> done. Hard-coding the configuration parameter names and the Registry key
HB> is not pretty and it's already causing headaches.

HB> regards,
HB> Helen

>>FireBase -
>>HB> Hello Pirtea, Artur,
>>HB> FbConfigMgr's hard-coded stringlist of firebird.conf parameters is now
>>HB> out-of-date. Notably, the misnaming of the LockAcquireSpins parameter as
>>HB> "LockRequireSpins" has been corrected in RC 4.
>>HB> btw, did you realise that SF stores the source code with only Newline
>>HB> characters as line terminators? This makes it not possible to compile
>>HB> source in Delphi, or find the event handlers via the IDE, unless you
>>run it
>>HB> through a converter. (The script editor in IB_SQL does this). It
>>might be
>>HB> a good idea to store a zip or rar file in AddOns
>>(zipball? RARball? :-))
>>HB> each time a unit is changed. Note that this affects all files except
>>HB> Is anyone working on a Linux version of this utility? There are problems
>>HB> finding a Linux distro that works with both Firebird 1.5 and Kylix
>>but, if
>>HB> nobody has done anything with this yet, I'll give it a whirl.
>>HB> cheers,
>>HB> Helen
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