Subject FbConfigMgr
Author Helen Borrie
Hello Pirtea, Artur,

FbConfigMgr's hard-coded stringlist of firebird.conf parameters is now
out-of-date. Notably, the misnaming of the LockAcquireSpins parameter as
"LockRequireSpins" has been corrected in RC 4.

btw, did you realise that SF stores the source code with only Newline
characters as line terminators? This makes it not possible to compile the
source in Delphi, or find the event handlers via the IDE, unless you run it
through a converter. (The script editor in IB_SQL does this). It might be
a good idea to store a zip or rar file in AddOns (zipball? RARball? :-))
each time a unit is changed. Note that this affects all files except .res.

Is anyone working on a Linux version of this utility? There are problems
finding a Linux distro that works with both Firebird 1.5 and Kylix but, if
nobody has done anything with this yet, I'll give it a whirl.