Subject Re: IBConsole
Author Dominique Louis
Hi All,
I just posted this message to the IBDI mailing list.

An older version of the source code for IBConsole is available from
SourceForge CVS @ and is
version 337, which is about 7+ months old.

I recently sent an email to the current maintainer for the Win32
version of IBConsole ( Mr. Overcash ), asking when the latest source
would be checked into SourceForge and he basically said when he gets
round to it. This source code would also include the Linux port as well.

IMHO, FBSQL definately needs a GUI style front-end to round out the
excellent product. Maybe a small team could grab the the older CVS code
and take it from there adding more specific FBSQL features or
alternatively they could pester Jeff Overcash some more to release the
latest source code to the CVS.

I have just sent a message to Jeff asking him to send me the source code
to the latest version of IB Console so that I can upload it to
SourceForge if he is too busy to do so.

I will keep IBDI and FB-Tools updated if I make any progress.


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"Robert Munro" <rjmunro-yahoo@...> wrote:

> Are there any plans to fix IBConsole for Firebird 1? It was the only free
> tool I could find that acutually seemed to have a user interface that
> sense, and always worked whenever I did something. True it didn't do
> but what it did do worked. Whenever I try using Marathon or IBAccess, it
> takes ages to figure out anything, and then it usually doesn't do the
> I want because it is working in the wrong dialect or something.
> I'm sure both the above products will improve, but as IBConsole
worked with
> Firebird 0.9.4, it shouldn't be that hard to patch it to work with
1.0.0. I
> don't have delphi, otherwise I would try myself.
> Robert Munro