Subject Re: how to access SourceForge...
Author Dominique Louis
Hi Daniel et al,
I have finally uploaded Martijn Melenhorst's SourceForge
Setup Guide onto, and you can find it at...

Though this guide is quite comprehensive, I have found that the simplest
way of accessing Sourceforge is using TortoiseCVS( )
So once you have read the aforementioned Tutorial, you may want to try
my 5 step summary which will be turned into a tutorial at some point.

1. Install TortoiseVCS.

2. Setup the HOME directory ( on Win2000 it has to go in the Control
Panel/System/Advanced tab/Environment Variables, and on Win9x in the
autoexec.bat ). See the Tutorial about what to do here.

3. Use Putty-KeyGen to generate the key-pair with default settings ( as
per Martijn's Tutorial ).

4. Upload Public key to Sourceforge and save private key locally and
wait 6 hours ( again check the Tutorial to see how you do this ).

5. Once the 6 hour delay is over you should be able to right click on a
folder and use Tortoise ( with the relavant information ) to either
Checkout, Update, Commit or Make a New Module on sourceforge.

Check Out using Tortoise
The Tortoise CVS fields you will need to fill out for a Check Out (
usually the developers before they start working on it ) for IBConsole
should be...

Protocol : Ususally "Internet ( Unix pserver )" should do
Server : will look something like this ""
Repository Directory : /cvsroot/ibconsole
UserName : anonymous
Module : ibconsole

NOTE : case is important!

Anyway I hope this helps.


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Daniel Bertin wrote:

> Hi,
> I would like a copy of IBconsole source code files but don't know how to
> use CVS. how do I do this?
> does cvs work online or do I download and install cvs on my computer?
> can you tell how to get the source code on my computer?
> thanks
> Daniel