Subject Fwd: Servoy Announces Public Beta of Servoy R2
Author Helen Borrie
I usually ditch spam that comes through the list owner channel but this
looks rather interesting. -- H.

>Date: Wed, 18 Dec 2002 16:43:28 +0000 (WET)
>From: Bob Cusick <mailing1@...>
>Subject: Servoy Announces Public Beta of Servoy R2
>Servoy Announces Public Beta of Servoy R2
>Integrated Development and Deployment Environment
>AMSTERDAM, Wednesday December 18th 2002
>Servoy is proud to announce the general availability of Servoy R2 Beta. A
>free evaluation version can be downloaded from Servoy's main website at
>Servoy R2 is a revolutionary rapid application development (RAD) suite
>that combines ease-of-use with Enterprise scalability. Servoy R2?s
>intuitive and easy-to-use interface allows both professional developers
>and non-developers to create powerful desktop applications, database
>front-ends, data entry and reporting systems.
>With Servoy R2 workgroups no longer need disconnected desktop databases
>for data entry, Crystal Reports for reporting or installation of JDBC or
>ODBC drivers on each client. Servoy R2 combines all this functionality
>into one powerful unified environment, thus saving development time,
>virtually eliminating end-user deployment hassles and lowering both
>maintenance and support costs.
>The Servoy R2 Product Suite is based on Java and runs on all popular
>platforms including Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Solaris and Unix. Users can
>connect to any data source on any platform that supports a JDBC or ODBC
>Easy-to-use RAD tool
>Servoy R2 provides an intuitive rapid application development (RAD) tool
>to create solutions that range from simple lists or contact management to
>complex, line-of-business solutions. Servoy R2 can easily connect to
>multiple data sources simultaneously and can combine data from multiple
>database servers into a single application and/or report. The WYSIWYG form
>design tools coupled with the powerful JavaScript-based scripting engine
>allows even non-programmers to create powerful, customized workgroup
>applications without the need for dedicated (and expensive) IT resources.
>Platform and database independent
>The Servoy R2 Product Suite supports all major databases including:
>Oracle, IBM DB/2, Microsoft SQL Server, Informix, Sybase, MySQL,
>PostgreSQL, OpenBase, Microsoft Access, and many others running on
>virtually any platform. Solutions can be uploaded, saved and automatically
>ported to/from any database on any platform that supports Java and a JDBC
>or ODBC connection.
>Because of its Java core, Servoy R2 Server can run on desktop machines and
>from there scale all the way up to Unix Servers, AS/400 systems all the
>way up to large mainframes. Scalability is only limited to the available
>hardware. Servoy R2 products have a small footprint and are optimized for
>high performance and scalability to a large numbers of concurrent user on
>each platform.
>Servoy R2 stores all design and functionality in a database-based
>repository. Because of this unique architecture, multiple developers can
>work on the same or different solutions; you can have multiple versions of
>each solution; and you can even develop new solutions while multiple
>simultaneous clients are accessing the same server. In addition, since
>there is no proprietary ?file format? ? it?s virtually impossible to
>?corrupt? a solution and you can use your database?s built-in replication
>services to distribute solutions to multiple servers all over the country
>or all over the world.
>Servoy R2 Developer includes a full debugging environment and full
>programmatic runtime control over all interface objects (enable; disable;
>trigger scripts on enter/exit fields; change colors, change fonts, and
>more - all dynamically). Servoy R2 Developer also supports version control
>- allowing your development teams to create new "builds" and roll forward
>and rollback solution versions at any time.
>Servoy R2 Developer features an easy-to-use programming language
>(JavaScript) that also allows for inline Java commands, external custom
>Plug-Ins (via our robust Java-based API) as well as full JavaBean support.
>Because all plug-ins and beans are stored on the server and are executed
>by the clients on an as-needed basis, adding or removing custom
>functionality from all of your Servoy solutions is quick and easy.
>Hassle free
>Servoy R2 supports up to 25 peer-to-peer users right out of the box and
>ships with the open source Firebird SQL database. Servoy R2 Server can
>scale from a single Windows 2000 Server supporting 200 concurrent users to
>multiple Windows (or Linux or Unix) servers serving thousands of
>concurrent users to high-end Enterprise-level hardware (IBM OS/390, Sun
>E10000, etc) to support multiple thousands of concurrent users.
>In addition, Servoy R2 utilizes the Java WebStart technology to
>automatically deliver the latest client software each time a user requests
>the application. This means that there is no need to re-install client
>software, upgrades or updates ? Servoy R2 handles it for you
>automatically. Servoy Server (free with a purchase of 5 clients or more)
>handles all connections to the database. This means that there is no need
>for any configuration, database driver installation or plug-in
>installation on the client.
>Servoy R2 stores no data ? it only provides an interface into existing
>data sources. This means that IT maintains full control over the actual
>databases, and can control access via named connections, users and groups.
>In addition to the security measures available in the backend database,
>Servoy solutions can also be password protected ? down to the form, object
>and record level.
>You can also choose to automatically track all modifications, creations
>and deletions to all data on a solution-by-solution and table-by-table
>basis (regardless of the number of forms the data appears on) ? all with a
>single checkbox. The logged data will show the previous data, the new
>date, date, time, solution, form and user that made the modification,
>creation or deletion.
>With Servoy R2:
>- There is no need to install applications, ODBC DSN?s or JDBC drivers on
>end-user machines
>- There is no need to to perform maintenance or upgrades ? the client will
>auto-update on launch
>- There is no need to buy additional hardware or software ? it will run on
>what you already have
>- There is no need to migrate existing users to other operating systems ?
>Servoy R2 will run on a wide variety of operating systems ? with no need
>to re-compile platform-specific versions
>- There is no need to train users to be able to operate new machines/new
>operating systems
>To try out public beta visit