Subject ANN: New version of IBUtils - FREE db relations viewer - v. 0.9.2 .2
Author Aleš Kahánek
I would like to annonce a new IBUtils release, free database relations
viewer which displays links between tables in your database based on the
foreign key constraints defined by another tools. There are some new
features and bug fixes. You can find more detailed info, screenshots and
download at

New features
- The table listboxes can have a resizeable header now, you can adjust width
of each column for each table independetly. The header for each table can be
toggled on/off simply by pressing 'H' key.

- Opening existing model is now 30% faster.

- Added new shortcuts to quickly change the appearance of model tables (I,
K, L, T, ...), see the table context menu. The 'A' shortcut for "Select All"
was changed to "Ctrl+A". The 'A' key is now shorcut for "Add table". The 'T'
key, previously shorcut for "Add table" is now shorcut for toggle "Types
visible/invisible" in the selected tables.

- Run of some long lasting actions as Open model, Refresh model, Refresh
selected tables isnow indicated by progress bar.

- Meaning of the "Show options" in the "Model options" dialog has changed.
Previously after the OK button click the corresponding show options (icons,
required, ...) of the selected tables were changed. Because the same result
can be achieved by table context menu, this is not necessary here. The same
checkboxes have another meaning now: these are the default show options when
adding new table to the model. New table is displayed according to these
settings. Existing tables in the model are not affected. These options are
saved independently for each model.

Fixed bugs
- When adding new tables on some circumstances some table links were not
added to the model until closing and reopening the model. Now this works

Looking forward to your comments
Ales Kahanek