Subject ANN: Firebird Workbench 1.3.9 released!
Author Martijn Tonies
Hi ladies, gentlemen,

Upscene Productions is happy to announce a new version of
Firebird Workbench - the developer tool for Firebird.

Firebird Workbench gives you an easy-to-use application to create,
edit and extract your database objects, export tables, run scripts,
extract metadata, run ad-hoc SQL statements and much much more...

Firebird Workbench works well on low-bandwith connections because
of extensive caching in the object editors and by using IBObjects -
the best Firebird connectivity suite for Delphi and CPP Builder.

Download a trial copy at - go there now!

New features:

SQL Editor
- Added support for prepared BLOB parameters - you can load a file

- Firebird: Object descriptions extracted in script

Bug fixes and small enhancements:
Bugfix: Numerous bugfixes to avoid crashes and increase stability
Bugfix: SQL Editor: ALT + nr shortcut for SQL pages didn't work properly if
you had pages in the Script Editor
Bugfix: SQL Editor: fixed "invalid keylinks entry" for some weird
non-editable resultsets
Bugfix: Fixed some width and non-displaying of columns for export data
Bugfix: Fixed errors in altering an Exception
Bugfix: Fixed an error with the Test Data Generator and a local connection
Bugfix: Fixed "interface not supported" error (sometimes) when dropping
tables from the Database Navigator
Bugfix: Fixed "set generator" (sometimes) not included in metadata extract
despite option "include set generator"
Bugfix: Fixed "growing grant-list" bug with "altering" the same view over
and over again in the View Editor
Bugfix: Fixed "list index out of bounds" (sometimes) when dropping objects
Bugfix: Fixed disabled "not null" check box in the Domain Editor
Bugfix: Fixed Access Violation with selecting "Set Statistics" in the Index
Editor without an index selected
Bugfix: Bugfix with "simplified SQL Editor" to check procedure results from
the Procedure Editor
Bugfix: Fixed wrong DDL extract for array subscripts < 1
Bugfix: Right click, Export Data in Data grids didn't work
Bugfix: Domain Editor: saving a domain without changing the length would
result in a ' " is not a valid integer' error
Enhancement: Query Builder now uses the SQL92 JOIN syntax
Enhancement: Duplicate Field dialog has options disabled for Computed By
Enhancement: SQL Editor: added "no duplicates" to SQL history tab
Enhancement: SQL Editor: statement automatically unprepares on
tab-switch/statement change instead of executing the current prepared
Enhancement: SQL Editor: parameter history added
Enhancement: DataPump: speed up of transfer process especially for tables
with a large amount of columns
Enhancement: minor visual enhancements

With regards,

Martijn Tonies

Firebird Workbench - the developer tool for Firebird

Upscene Productions