Subject IBExpert Forms - more fantastic freeware for Firebird
Author Andrew
I had a quick look, but couldn't see that the IBE guys had announced
this yet. This is a freeware tool that every Firebird/Windows user
need to check out. Endless possibilities for creating simple FB
tools on the fly! Here's the post from fbrunners group. I've had a
good play with it, so if you want to find out more about how to use
it, feel free to ask on fbrunners.

Andrew Ferguson


From: Andrew
Date: Mon Sep 30, 2002 4:34 pm
Subject: IBExpert Forms - more fantastic freeware for Firebird

If you are running Windows and Firebird and want to see something
amazing, go there NOW and download IBEFInstall.exe.

I had seen this Dream Company suite of components before (Dream
Designer) and been amazed, but that was before the IBE guys figured
they would combine it with IBO and FastReports and give the whole
kaboodle to the FB/IB community as Freeware. Man, those guys rock, I
tell you. Not only do they make the best all-in-one tool** for FB/IB
(IBExpert), they keep throwing together these other fantastic tools
and giving them to us.

** Yes, IBWorkbench is another fine tool, by all accounts, but I've
not used it so I can't compare.

With the IBExpertForms free tool you can:

Run a simulated Delphi IDE, build apps for Firebird, and run them
from the companion IBErunner.exe -- which, I found out, squashes down
to under 2 megs when compressed with a PE packer like UPX. So
ultimately, you can whip up quick Firebird apps that access,
manipulate, and report on data, and distribute them on two floppy
disks. Is that insane? You bet! Thank you IBExperts!

This is *exactly* the kind of tool we should be building a Template
for and disseminating to inlets asap.

Andrew Ferguson