Subject DBak v1.2.5
Author Geoff Worboys
Hi People,

I've released an update to my DBak alternative backup utility.

This release has now been tested to work with IB v5.6 as well as
IB 6.0 and FB 1.0. It should work with FB 1.5 as long as you are
not using the new DDL features. I hope to find some time to add
support for those features soon.

DBak is an alternative to gbak (it does not use gbak at all).
It performs a backup by duplicating data into another database
(without constraints, triggers or indexes). A database can be
restored via a reverse process that reconstructs the original
database via DDL scripts (extracted using IBObjects metadata
extraction components).

Please read the help file that comes with the package that explains
the various limitations and advantages of DBak vs gbak.

The source code for the components behind the DBak applications
is being made available (for a small fee) - details available from
the above website.

Existing users of the source code please note; This update requires
the latest version of IBObjects (v4.2.H.l) to pick up changes to
the metadata extract processing.

Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing