Subject Losing Firebird connection into a VPS
Author Chuck Belanger

My background with Firebird has been mostly to use it for a local
desktop application. A few years ago we started to experiment with a
remote connection on a website and I have had no issues with that other
than the speed.

Recently, we plan to use FB 3 and a database as a remote application
authorization process. We shifted to a VPS hosting and what I have been
seeing is that while using IBExpert to connect, after maybe a couple of
minutes it is disconnected from the database. I have not tried to
connect through the application yet, but use IBExpert to do maintenance
on the remote database.

I have reviewed the Firebird conf file and cannot find any settings
which would cause this, nor can I find any settings (the connection
timeout is set for 0, which I assume means indefinite connection) in
IBExpert, nor are there any settings in the server windows firewall. We
also asked the hosting company about this and they did not seem to know.

Does anyone have any ideas on what I need to do to keep connected to the
remote (VPS) Firebird server?

Thank you!


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