Subject AW: [firebird-support] Re: 335544382. Can't allocate difference page
Author Steffen Heil (Mailinglisten)

> In short: write to the difference file was not successfull.
> Common reason could be out of disk space or some other error at filesystem\disk level.
> Of course, there is always exists possiblilty of some kind of bug at the engine itself...
> but i never saw such errors before.

450G free space.

> > I am sure there was no power outage and the system did not reboot.
> > There are no indications about hard drive errors in the logs.
> >
> > What could I do to find the source of this problem?
> Is it reproducible ?
> What is the current state of the database (gstat -h) ?
> Any messages at firebird.log around that time ?

I cannot test at the moment. The machine is at a remote location.
We are having it shipped here and I can inspect it then (if the problem stays).
I will report the result of gstat -h.

However I wasn't able to find a firebird.log file at all.
(This is a gentoo installation.)